Why I’m Open About Having Been Raped

Hiya, all! I’ve been working on YouTube videos more over the last couple of months and I recently uploaded a new one that is more sensitive than my usual.

So far, it’s gone down well. I was really nervous about uploading it, filming it in fact. However, I’m really pleased I made it! If you have time, please take a look. :)

Studio Day at Steel Studios, Glasgow

I recently did a studio day at Steel Studios in Glasgow. The turnout was great and here are some of the images from the day!

Maja Stina by bocote photoart Maja Stina by bocote photoartPhotos by bocote photoart, harness by Malice Clothing. Maja Stina by XIV Maja Stina by XIV Photos by XIV, latex by Maja Stina. I’m often in Glasgow/Edinburgh so if anyone is interested in booking a shoot with me, do get in touch! I’m more than happy to shoot in a studio or on location.