Björk; Undecided

I just wanted to share this song with you guys (Björk and Skunk Anansie). I really love it! I’m indifferent about most of Björk’s stuff and I can’t say I “like” any of this. I’m intrigued by her but there’s something about her songs that I just can’t quite get into…but this one I DO love. Pity the movie fucking sucked though. :p

Getting There!

I’m getting there with the site updates. Today is the first day I’ve had off in two weeks so I don’t feel too bad about taking so long to do it! I’m about to head off to the gym but just wanted to share the image that was in Bizarre magazine with you guys:

maja stina bizarre magazine burning violet

Site Maintenance

As you can see, I’ve taken things down for maintenance! Sorry about this! Will be back, ASAP!

I was getting so bored of the old theme, and wanted to add my MUA portfolio to the site as well and just wanted it all to be fresh and clean looking. :)