Facebook Integration For My Site!

I’ve worked out how to integrate Facebook comments and likes with my website so that’s another new feature for you guys here! I’m hoping that all of this is going to aid the functionality of my site, leading to you guys visiting more often! I don’t tend to visit websites I can’t really interact much with so I’m hoping that this will benefit us all! It took a little bit to set it all up but I think I’ve got it working now. :) Hooray!

PS I’m now in fifth place of the Bizarre Magazine Ultra Vixens contest so your votes are much appreciated! If you’ve not voted yet but would like to help me out, please vote here! You do need to register but it only takes a moment to do so, and then you just need to click “cast your vote” under my name to make it count! Thank you! ♥ :)

The Finals For Bizarre Magazine’s Subscriber’s Cover!

Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian

I’m in the finals for Bizarre Magazine’s subscribers cover this month! I’m so excited! The issue before last, I was also featured in the magazine as a runner up for their Cover Start contest, with the gorgeous Amie Conradine gracing the cover last month; she deserved it and looked stunning!

If you could spare a vote for me this month, it would mean the world to me! To vote, click here! This year has been a big year for me, as I only started modelling in May, 2010. I’d like to end with one of my all-time goals being achieved! This would just be fantastic and I’m nervous just thinking about it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, including those of you who voted for me earlier on this year to get me to the finals of this contest. :)

I’m looking forward to 2012! I’m hoping that can be an even more amazing year! ♥

Björk; Undecided

I just wanted to share this song with you guys (Björk and Skunk Anansie). I really love it! I’m indifferent about most of Björk’s stuff and I can’t say I “like” any of this. I’m intrigued by her but there’s something about her songs that I just can’t quite get into…but this one I DO love. Pity the movie fucking sucked though. :p