Website Redesign

Hi all! I decided to scrap the old layout and opt for something very simple. I’ve yet to finish it – the index page looks ridiculous as all the text is too similar a size. I’ll also be sorting my pictures into galleries so you can view them by genre as well. :)

I’m too tired to finish it tonight but I should finish tomorrow. Goodnight, all!

Bizarre Magazine Cover Shoot Contest!

Hi guys! I’ve just found out that I’m in this month’s UltraVixens contest! I’m also in Bizarre magazine but have yet to find out which picture they’ve used. I will find out on the 15th when I get my issue. :)

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to vote for me in the contest! If I win, I could be in with a chance to be on the cover of Bizarre magazine, which would be such an honour to me.

If you guys would also share the link with friends and encourage people to vote for me, I’d be over the moon. Of course, only if you feel I’m worthy of winning. ;-)

But thank you to those who have voted so far! I really do appreciate it. It means the world to me. :)

To vote, click here.