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As you can see, I’ve taken things down for maintenance! Sorry about this! Will be back, ASAP!

I was getting so bored of the old theme, and wanted to add my MUA portfolio to the site as well and just wanted it all to be fresh and clean looking. :)

Bizarre Magazine Test Shoot

I had my shoot for Bizarre Magazine on Friday, so I spent Thursday shooting with Mark Fiddian, trying to work on poses, makeup and hair ideas for the shoot! I decided to go for a dramatic makeup look (which I didn’t get to use in the Bizarre shoot, unfortunately) and my hair up in a high ponytail, which I’ve not done for years!

Mark and I decided to finish with something a bit different – his idea of bangles and my black wig, which I’m really loving. It’s from Our Little Secret, where I get all of my wigs and hair bits and bobs.

Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian Maja Stina by Mark Fiddian

The outfits, from left to right are by Aerynn Isabelle, Eustratia and HMSLatex.

At the shoot on Friday, we shot individually and were then going to do some couples shoots, where I wanted to wear the cage dress and the blue Eustratia outfit. We waited around for a while and then Dave and Zoe decided we’d not have enough time to do anything after our individual shoots, which sucked because I really wanted to shoot with the other girls, in the outfits I’d brought!

For my individual shoot, I wore a latex bikini set by Burning Violet. The set will soon be for sale but it’s all going to remain secret until the issue of Bizarre magazine comes out.

In the mean time, I’m in the upcoming issue of Bizarre with Melissa Hayward, covered in molasses. It’s out in September, featuring Kat Von D on the cover. I don’t yet have a copy, but I shall soon post a tear for you guys. :)

The issue of Bizarre featuring us all will be out in October and I can’t wait to see the pictures! I imagine that I won’t be getting any previews before the issue goes live, so I’m really, really curious as to how everything looks!

The More Extreme the Better?

Photo by Pirate Photography

Extreme enough? Photo by Pirate Photography

It seems that, lately, a lot of musicians have been venturing out into the alternative and even the fetish scene with their music and especially with their videos! The likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and, of course, Lady Gaga have been releasing singles that would have been considered very taboo not long ago, and still are to some people! Music videos are becoming more and more raunchy, with sexual references left right and centre.

The thing is, that taboo topics and sexual liberation are becoming more and more embraced and enjoyed by society, with the most abstract, unique, sexual and obscure videos and songs being the most popular. It seems that these days it’s pretty hard to be “alternative”, or produce artwork that is considered unique or shocking any more because everyone’s doing their best to be the most extreme! We won’t have many taboo areas left to explore soon!

I feel, that with the internet becoming so popular in the past decade, it’s really helped pioneer a new age and a new generation of thinking. We have all the information we could ever want at our fingertips, and that includes sexual things. We, as a society, are becoming desensitised by everything we can so easily see on the internet. Is it good or bad or a bit of both, though?

I think there are good points and bad points to the way we can use the internet these days. It’s very easy for children to come across things that they may not be capable of understanding at such a young age, but that also ties into the debate about parents making sure that their children are correctly supervised – so I feel that making sure that children are safe is definitely the responsibility of the parents, so I won’t say anything more on that matter! I do love being able to find new things wherever I look, and love that self-acceptance is being promoted more and more online.

But one thing that does worry me, is the increasing number of songs that are of a sexual nature, that make it seem okay to act in certain ways. Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are the two people who come to mind when I think about this. I feel it’s actually a human rights issue! One song’s lyrics that particularly irk me is Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, where she says “Boys tryin’ to touch my junk, gonna smack him if he getting too drunk”. She’s describing sexual assault! If someone tried to touch my “junk, I’d definitely be doing more than slapping them for being too drunk. I don’t want our society to think that behaving like that is okay, or that justice is served with a mere slap! I’d love for people in society to respect others, and for people to respect their own bodies.

Another song that bothers me is Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. The whole song seems to be about a woman who is far too drunk for her own good. I know that everyone does have moments where they drink too much, but Gaga seems to be condoning that sort of behaviour and normalising it, and I don’t feel it should be normalised. People that drunk are very vulnerable and there are health risks with drinking that much on a regular basis.

These songs are played on the radio as well and I know that preteens can easily hear these songs and some young people look for idols and role models and often find them in the pop world. I would just love it if there could be some more positive songs out these days that aren’t just about sex, drugs and alcohol.

Rihanna’s recent single, S&M, was incredibly popular as well, embracing the fetish lifestyle and sadism and masochism. However, I don’t know how many people know what S & M truly is about, as her video doesn’t do a great job of depicting it! But heck, it’s still somewhat taboo and I guess if the video had depicted S & M accurately, it probably wouldn’t have aired! But heck, she was wearing latex in the video so I can’t really complain. :p

I know that some of you may wonder why I’m concerned about society seeing the above issues I described as normal and acceptable, yet I’m a nude model who posts pictures of myself all over the internet. Well, I’m all for nudity and freedom of expression. I don’t feel as though my pictures are harming anyone or condoning behaviour that is harmful to oneself or others. I don’t feel that a lot of my work is suitable for children but, as I mentioned earlier, I feel it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their child is protected. I know that this doesn’t always work out for the best, but I can always wish for a perfect world!

So, to conclude, I thought I’d share this Katy Perry video that came out recently. I thought it was quite fitting because I feel that it’s may be inspired by a lot of things over the past twenty years. It reminds me of A Clockwork Orange, 300, Fallout (the video game), Wall-E, Final Fantasy and Planet Earth (a TV programme narrated by David Attenborough)! I wasn’t keen on the advertising of the sunglasses, but that’s always being done in music videos these days! :(

I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter! So, get replying and tell me what you think! :)