Shooting With Dollybones

I recently shot with Dollybones, who I’ve been speaking to online for quite a while. We only just recently got around to working together! We got some awesome images of each other and she even made a video of the shoot!

We shot a necklace for Shalottlilly and I tried to do a makeup look that was more subtle than what I’d normally go for to match it. Hopefully you enjoy these! :)

Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones

Dollybones also wanted to shoot me as naturally as possible and so had me watch a few YouTube videos to try and get some emotion out of me. :p This is what she got!

Telling an embarrassing story:

Maja Stina by Dollybones

Just messing about:

Maja Stina by Dollybones

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update! I’ve been really busy! But I promise to try and update more often. :) My website is also due a big revamp but I’ve been part way through that for almost a month due to other things taking priority continually! A lot has changed in my personal life as of late and my schedule is now jam packed, but all of the changes have definitely been positive. I’m a happy Maja. :)