Cambridge Studio Day

I will be attending a studio day on the 11th March, run by Martyn Rayner in his relocated studio, The Works!

The event page is here.

We are pleased we have the delightful Maja Stina at the Works Studio on 11th March 2012 we are charging £50 per hour including studio and lighting, Maja will be modelling in Studio Two our brand new studio, this studio has been specially designed and built for models just like Maja, with it’s totally black walls, floor and ceiling, photographers will be able to control the light, and produce images unlike any other studio, coupled with the amazing modelling abilities of Maja, this really is a studio day not to miss. Maja has an amazing collection of costumes including some fantastic stuff she makes her self. we would strongly suggest any photographer talking to her before the shoot to arrange the sort of images you would like her to pose for.

If you would like to book Maja Stina please email us at the studio

Maja Stina by Adam Rowney Maja Stina by Julian Kilsby Maja Stina by Julian Kilsby Maja Stina by Julian Kilsby Maja Stina by Corwin Prescott Maja Stina by Sendu Maja Stina by Pirate Photography Maja Stina in Bizarre magazine Maja Stina by Julian Kilsby