Shooting With Dollybones

I recently shot with Dollybones, who I’ve been speaking to online for quite a while. We only just recently got around to working together! We got some awesome images of each other and she even made a video of the shoot!

We shot a necklace for Shalottlilly and I tried to do a makeup look that was more subtle than what I’d normally go for to match it. Hopefully you enjoy these! :)

Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones Maja Stina by Dollybones

Dollybones also wanted to shoot me as naturally as possible and so had me watch a few YouTube videos to try and get some emotion out of me. :p This is what she got!

Telling an embarrassing story:

Maja Stina by Dollybones

Just messing about:

Maja Stina by Dollybones

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update! I’ve been really busy! But I promise to try and update more often. :) My website is also due a big revamp but I’ve been part way through that for almost a month due to other things taking priority continually! A lot has changed in my personal life as of late and my schedule is now jam packed, but all of the changes have definitely been positive. I’m a happy Maja. :)

Burning Violet is Now Maja Stina!

I have always been the owner of Burning Violet, my clothing design company that I opened in December, 2010. I’ve now decided to close Burning Violet and now be designing under the name Maja Stina from now on.

My main reason for this is that I want people to make the connection between my designs and I, as a lot of people in the past only thought I was a model and never knew I ran Burning Violet! My second reason for the change is that I feel that the name Burning Violet is not as appropriate for branding my designs, and feel that it is a little on the immature side. I feel that Maja Stina is much more marketable in the fashion industry and industry in general than Burning Violet ever could be.

I will be slowly encouraging fans to come on over from my Burning Violet fan page on Facebook to my Maja Stina fan page, as that page will feature my modelling, makeup artistry and clothing design from now on.

I will, in future, be adding my tattoo portfolio to my website and to my Maja Stina fan page, but I am not ready for this at present because I am not interested in promoting myself as a tattoo artist at all, yet! I’ll be spending the next few months finding a good balance between all of my hobbies (and jobs) and will be deciding on a direction for everything.

Check out the new page, Latex Design, on the site! I will be creating some outfits from other materials this year, also! Keep a lookout.

Facebook Integration For My Site!

I’ve worked out how to integrate Facebook comments and likes with my website so that’s another new feature for you guys here! I’m hoping that all of this is going to aid the functionality of my site, leading to you guys visiting more often! I don’t tend to visit websites I can’t really interact much with so I’m hoping that this will benefit us all! It took a little bit to set it all up but I think I’ve got it working now. :) Hooray!

PS I’m now in fifth place of the Bizarre Magazine Ultra Vixens contest so your votes are much appreciated! If you’ve not voted yet but would like to help me out, please vote here! You do need to register but it only takes a moment to do so, and then you just need to click “cast your vote” under my name to make it count! Thank you! ♥ :)