Dominatrix Party in Amsterdam & Upcoming Tour Dates

I’ve been so busy already this year, having just got back from Dominatrix Party in Amsterdam on Monday. I wanted to share my upcoming availability throughout Europe so if you were hoping I’d be coming to your area, take a look and see if I am; if you want me to come to your city, message me and say where you are and I’m sure I can arrange a trip. :)

- Spring Availability –
30th March – 5th April – Edinburgh
4th – 7th April – London
7th – 14th April – Amsterdam
14th – 17th April – London & Cambridge
17th – 20th April – Paris

I also thought I’d share my selfies from the weekend with you. I can’t wait to see the footage from the fashion shows; I’ll post those on here as soon as they are uploaded to YouTube.

Maja Stina
Leaving for the airport, wearing a bra for once!

Maja Stina
New foundation and new haircut for the weekend!

tumblr_nl62apnt921qfdgrwo1_500 (1)
My makeup look for the catwalk.

Maja Stina
Post rehearsal – time for food!

Maja Stina
Mew! Am Statik adorable ears as part of my look for her catwalk.

Maja Stina
The full outfit in Dominatrix’ crazy bathroom!

Yes, I love adorable and cute things, so I just had to show you these tiny little cakes! ♥

I stayed in a Christian hostel in De Wallen, which was absolutely lovely. This was the sign above the projector in the café.

Maja Stina
Silly 5am selfies after the party with Kirsty from Slaughter House Couture.

Maja Stina
Finally, back in Norwich! My eyeballs broke so now I need these things that go on my face to make me see good. ;-)

France next week for a little holiday and rock climbing with some friends. A much needed break and some time to read and revise for my exams which are creeping up!

European Modelling Tour in April!

Maja Stina Shelly d'Inferno Tour

Shelly d’Inferno & Maja Stina are on tour together in Europe! – Do you want to work with us?
Photographers, designers & event organisers get in touch now to book us in your country!

We are available for modelling and fire performances and are getting booked up fast!

For all enquiries, email or

We can’t wait to see what’s in store!